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Future Architecture Platform: PUBLISHING ACTS III RIJEKA, 28 – 30 May 2019


Publishing Acts III organized by the Society of Istrian Architects (DAI-SAI), in collaboration with DeltaLab (University of Rijeka) and flagship Sweet & Salt (Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture), was the third edition of an investigation on publishing as an urban practice.

Starting from the official narrative of Rijeka as a multi-ethnic port, a fiercely contested territory that has been changing ruling hands and demographics many times over the centuries, the participants of “Publishing Acts III” came together to re-narrate the city’s past, present and future by questioning, complementing, reassembling and transforming material and immaterial historic and present sources. The publishing process on the one hand functions as a “social choreography” involving a variety of authors with diverse backgrounds and interests, local and foreign perspectives. 

The preceding “Publishing Acts” in 2017 were conceived as an experimental editorial workshop with the aim to produce instant, collaborative, open-end socio-political imaginaries about the city of Pula. The resulting publication “Publishing Acts” Pula Documents was only distributed by hand: a performative gesture by which not only a printed product was imparted but also the engagement with the topics it contains. Šibenik Alternating Currents as the second part of the “Publishing Acts” series, a print-on-demand matter of the Šibenik editorial workshop held in 2018, was conceived by Rebekka Kiesewetter and coproduced with dpr-barcelona. “Publishing Acts III” in collaboration with DAI-SAI and DeltaLab continues to pursue publishing as a tool of observation, research and discussion, and produce further publications along the line in which publishing is understood as a processual device evoking and framing a social, relational and discursive space for multi-vocal negotiation, self-reflexive sense-making, and differentiated co-production. 

Author of the programme concept was Ana Dana Beroš together with Ida Križaj Leko and Morana Matković, who moderated the activities of the “Publishing Acts III” and ran the workshop. Workshop participants were: Klodiana Millona (Rotterdam), Cam Liu (Rotterdam), Tiago Saraiva (ateliermob, Lisabon), Viktoria Khokhlova (Tyumen/Munich), Mikheil Mikadze (XOPA, Moskva), Oyat Shukurov (XOPA, Moskva), Marko-Luka Zubčić (Rijeka), Rijeka, Leo Kirinčić (Rijeka), Nikola Štefanac (Rijeka), Marin Nižić (Rijeka), Petronela Schredlova, (Bratislava/Rijeka), Andrej Kljun (Rijeka).

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OPEN CALL: Integrated Spatial Planning for Amalgamated Hromadas / CANactions School for Urban Studies

CANactions_Open CallFree applied educational program for representatives of local government and young professionals in the field of spatial planning. 

Program duration: 11 months (part-time)
Studio duration: 5 months (January – May 2019, one week per month of intensive engagement)
Languages: Ukrainian, English (with possibility of interpretation)
Location: Kyiv and LGDC centers in Ukrainian regions
Number of participants: 180 participants from 30 Ukrainian hromadas, 30 spatial planning practitioners
Fee: free of charge (including covering of costs of accommodation and travel within Ukraine)
Curator: Urs Thomann, a Swiss urban planner and Co-founder of the CANactions School for Urban Studies. 

The program is based upon the CANactions School for Urban Studies methodology and focused on the adaptation of European urban and regional development policies and strategic spatial planning toolkit to the specific scale and real-life functioning of newly formed territorial communities — amalgamated hromadas. 

As a result of the program participants will become involved into designing spatial development concept for amalgamated hromadas, as well as will considerably broaden their professional network and get acquainted with representatives of amalgamated hromadas from all over Ukraine. 

The core element of educational experience is phased procedure of Amalgamated Hromadas spatial planning concepts by groups of participants, consisting of specialists in spatial planning sphere and hromadas representatives led by the international team of mentors. 

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Izvještaj s a-festivala “Izdavaštvo – akcija” Pula, 1.-3.6.2017.

Arhitektura je svjetotvorna umjetnost

Prošli tjedan je u Puli održan a-festival pod nazivom Izdavaštvo – akcija u organizaciji Društva arhitekata Istre (DAI-SAI) pod vodstvom Ane Dane Beroš i Emila Jurcana.

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